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Marius Selvig is named controller and manages questions in this regard, he can be contacted at marius@permakem.no

What information is collected:
The personal data that will be saved are limited to name, e-mail address and telephone number. We do not store sensitive personal information about our customers or suppliers.
The information is mainly obtained directly from the registered person by telephone call, meeting or e-mail. As soon as the contacts are registered in our customer database, they will receive a letter of consent.
If we collect personal data from anyone other than the registered person, we will notify them immediately and at the latest within the first communication, where we also provide information about where we have obtained the information from and why we have stored the information in our database. This is done by sending a letter of consent / e-mail to the registered person.

Basis for storage:
We collect and store information about our business relations to safeguard our existing relations or if we wish to establish a new business relation / contact - a legitimate interest.
We will not disclose information to third parties, they are only stored internally to safeguard our mutual interests.

Storage time:
All personal information will be deleted or anonymized if the basis of storage no longer is valid. The exception is if the information must be kept to be complaisant with other legislation.
If a consent is withdrawn, we will delete the personal information that has been stored as soon as possible.

The Registrants’ Rights:
If you wish to have access to the stored information about you, please contact our controller. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and within 30 days of receiving it.
To ensure that we respond to the correct person, we will use the e-mail address we have already saved in our system.
According to privacy laws, the registered person has the right to be deleted, correct information, require limited storage, objection to storage, and claim a right to portability of the data.
Furthermore, the registered person has the right to withdraw the given consent at any time without affecting the legality of a treatment based on consent before withdrawal of consent.

Any complaints about our processing of personal data may be directed to the Norwegian data protection authority “Datatilsynet”.

Automated decisions:
Permakem makes no automated decisions.

Lørenskog, 25.05.2018